Delivery for Miss Carter

"Delivery for Miss Carter"
I am extremely excited to share what is in the mystery box from the most anticipated "Agent Carter" collection by Besame Cosmetics x Marvel. Agent Carter is my favorite female heroine, I first read about "Peggy Carter" in the early Captain America comics where she was portrayed a little differently than our beloved Agent, but she was still a great character in those early on issues. Today's Agent Cater is a strong heroine who dominates in a man's world, proving that she can play hard like the men in the SSR. Peggy knows her value & she is determined to show the world that a woman can conquer anything that comes her way. The hit tv series "Agent Carter" was set in the 1940s, an era where women were stuck doing desk work, & men were taking all the leads. After Steve Rogers *Captain America* is thought to be gone, Howard Stark finds himself in great need of assistance when he finds out he is being framed for supplying deadly weapons to bad guys. He reaches out to Peggy hoping she will secretly work as a double agent with his trusted butler Jarvis to help dispose of those weapons & clear his name. The tv series ended after two seasons, but the character made a huge impact & she has become a cherished character in the Marvel Universe.

When I found out that Besame Cosmetics teamed up with Marvel to create a top secret Agent Carter collection I was unbelievably thrilled, thee idea of my favorite vintage inspired cosmetic company making a collection based on my favorite female hero was so exciting I just couldn't believe it, & now I have a piece of the most anticipated collection in my hands. This mystery box was secretly sent out to those who signed up for the Agent Carter newsletter, once you received the newsletter in your inbox you were able to click a secret link that would reveal the option to order the Mystery Box. Before the box was released Besame gave out a parking ticket that had a code & if you were able to crack the code you were given some secret clippings with even more clues to try & solve. Of course I had to become an agent like Miss Carter to solve the mystery which I did. I ended up finding out that there was a hidden message from Howard regarding the numbers 102,103, & 104 which has a very important meaning as to what is in the mystery box.
The mystery box is actually a gorgeous 1940s faux crocodile inspired jewelry box containing a letter & photo from Howard himself. Revealing what is actually hidden within the jewelry box to find out keep reading..,
 I am really in awe of this packaging, it reminds me of my 1940s true vintage train case from Samsonite. I love the deep burgundy faux crocodile exterior & the SSR gold logo against the camel suede like interior.
 P.s isn't Howard a dream boat?
After reading the lovely letter from Mr. Stark I was eager to open the mystery compartment, I was then greeted with the numbers 102, 103, & 104 engraved on gold plated lipstick tubes. If you have seen the first season of Agent Carter you will remember the lipstick that packed a punch, Peggy uses 102 Sweet Dreams to knock out a man while searching for need to know information. I really love that Besame recreated an exact replica of the iconic lipstick tube that Peggy uses in the tv show, aside from her thigh gun holster the high tech lipstick is one of my favorite Agent Carter accessories.
102 Sweet Dreams 
 "A neutral red lipstick suitable for everyday wear. 
You must be careful with this one, a single kiss on the lips 
& your date will be out like a light. "
103 Forget Me Not 
 "A natural rose shade that looks like your lips but better! 
If someone spill the beans during a mission, I know it'd never be you, a single kiss on the lips 
& they won't remember the last twelve hours."
104 Always Be True 
 "A highly pigmented & saturated red. Dense, bright, & deep. 
Sometimes you don't have the luxury of good cop, bad cop.
One kiss on the lips with this shade & no one will able to lie to you. "
The formula is a creamy smooth matte finish great for long wear!
102 is Red Velvet, a color I absolutely love & adore, I actually wear it quite often.
103 is Dusty Rose, very mauve & soft perfect for everyday wear.
104 is Red Hot Red, a fiery bright & bold red that Marilyn Monroe would definitely wear. 

These lipsticks are apart of the current Besame collection however, they are absolutely dreamy to wear. 
They are not limited edition lipstick shades so you can purchase the classic became bullet version over & over!
The Agent Carter numbered tubes however are limited edition. 

**Please note these swatches are taken under florescent lighting indoors,
 the actual color may vary deepening on the lighting. 

x, MissVintageLady

Agent Carter : Besame Cosmetics x Marvel

** Please note this post was not a sponsored ad, I purchased this 
& the review is strictly based on my own thoughts. 

So Art Deco

So Art Deco
On the blog today is a style feature inspired by the glamorous 1920s, an era with heavily coated lashes & fringe beaded beauties. This stunning plum fringe glass beaded gown is from my favorite flapper dress maker Gatsby Lady, all of her lovely creations are hand beaded & made out of quality fabrics. Gatsby Lady designs the most beautiful gowns, dresses, purses, & more. Every design has a unique authentic vintage feel & as soon as I put this gown on for the first time, I truly felt like I stepped back in time for a 1920s roaring party! The Glam Fringe Maxi is dreamy & the Art Deco embellishment details are eye catching, this gown is absolutely gorgeous in person. This Plum shade is moody yet elegant making for a perfect fit in the 1920s, I am in love with the sheer sleeves & glass beaded trim with the fringe draping over like a caplet. This fringe beaded beauty has two tiers of fringe towards the bottom making this the perfect dress to shimmy & shake. The fit is perfect & GatsbyLady kindly made the dress shorter in length for me as I am on the petite side 5'1. When ordering I would ordering I would recommend ordering your regular size for a relaxed true to size fit, however if you want a true 1920s fit I would order up for that 20s draping look.  The Eliza Headband is the perfect accessory for an iconic flapper girl look, the Eliza comes in a matching plum shade with the same glass beading sequin details as the Glam Fringe Maxi. 
x, MissVintageLady

Eliza HeadBand  : GatsbyLady

Silver Screen Siren

Silver Screen Siren
The 1930s, an era I adore for it's striking art deco architecture, glamour portraits, & film noir. I have a soft spot of the 1930s, a lot of my favorite actresses & actors claimed their fame in that era to list a few Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Carole Lambard, Eroll Flynn & James Stewart. I have always been drawn to the glamour portraits of Silver Screen Sirens especially Jean Harlow's portraits she is absolutely stunning. I love the dramatic lighting, moody bedroom eyes, & that film noir boudoir aesthetic. My husband & I had an Old Hollywood themed wedding & a kind soul gifted us a Crescent Moon backdrop for our Photo Booth, we were so excited & grateful as we have always talked about having our own moon backdrop. When I saw this gorgeous Peach 1930s Dressing Robe from What Katie Did, I knew I wanted to recreate a moody 1930s inspired Harlow look using my crescent moon. 
These images are inspired by the Silver Screen Sirens of the 1930s.
A tribute to my favorite film noir starlets. 

x, MissVintageLady

Visit my "VintageBeauty" page for details on this 1930s look. 

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Minty Powder Blues

Minty Powder Blues
I am officially ready for Spring rain showers thanks to my new 1950s inspired swing dress coat from MissCandyFloss, I am ready to take on the rain. This darling Antonella canvas coat is lined with satin & has roomy pockets for all of your essentials. I love the soft minty color as it is perfect for Spring, for this 1950s inspired look I paired my coat with the off white satin "Phyllis" heels from Golden Age Hollywood & a white chiffon hair scarf. The Antonella dress coat comes with a matching belt that really adds a feminine touch, I really like the double column buttons & the collar. This coat is made out of a really thick material that will keep you nice & warm during those cooler & rainy days ahead. I have always really liked this style of a jacket as it pairs beautifully with a matching swing dress or wiggle, plus you can twirl around in it & who doesn't love a good princess twirl. In the early 1950s this style was very popular for women & young ladies, you could even find dress coats to match your favorite swing dresses. I paired my mint coat with a soft powdery blue dress from MissCandyFloss, & of course I couldn't resit doing a few twirls in my new dreamy coat!
x, MissVintageLady

Antonella Dress Coat : MissCandyFloss
Phyllis Off White Heels : Golden Age Hollywood
1950s Lucite Confetti Purse : Vintage
1937 Love's First Kiss Lipstick : Besame Cosmetics

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